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The flying words were born when I had a little bit of clay to use up and didn't want to have to recycle the clay. I only made 3 of each word and did not anticiapate the Flying F**ks being quite so popular, they flew off the shelf as soon as I made them available, leaving a number of disappointed people in their wake. I have now opened up pre-orders for any of these flying beauties. 


Each one is made individually by hand, fired twice and due to the nature of making ceramic objects it can take a number of weeks to process pre-orders. 


Postage is included for UK sales. You can also collect during my Open Studio North Fife event 4th - 6th May between 10am - 5pm each day. Select the Open Studio Collection option before checkout. 

Flying F**k

  • Materials - Stoneware clay, underglaze, glaze. Approx 10-12cm wide. 

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