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The flying words were born when I had a little bit of clay to use up and didn't want to have to recycle the clay. I only made 3 of each word and did not anticiapate the Flying F**ks being quite so popular, they flew off the shelf as soon as I made them available, leaving a number of disappointed people in their wake. I have now opened up pre-orders for any of these flying beauties, when they are out of stock and added a personalised option for those who want to choose their own special four letter word.


Each one is made individually by hand, fired twice and due to the nature of making ceramic objects it can take a number of weeks to process pre-orders. 


Please select whether you would like to collect from my studio or have your order posted out by selecting a postal area. 

Flying Words

  • Materials - Stoneware clay, underglaze, glaze. Approx 10-12cm wide. 

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