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Yet To Be Explored

Yet To Be Explored expresses a time when I began to tentatively pick at the closed but not healed wounds, creating pots of sensual bulbosity that are reminiscent of fleshy body parts and made in such a way as to show appreciation of the lumps of fat, muscle and bones that carries me through the world. This body is all we have and it’s an incredible waste of brain power if we don’t do anything other than love it in spite of its pains, physical limitations, fat bits, hairy bits or weird bits. 

This work was made for and exhibited during the SSA annual exhibition 2021 at the RSA, Edinburgh, and again in 2022 as part of the group show, Pentalogia Feminina, at Patriothall, Edinburgh.

You can read my proposal submitted to the SSA before it was made here on my Patreon page.

Photography Credits

Jill Skulina

Alan Richardson

Alexander Hoyles

 SSA Annual Exhibition, RSA Edinburgh 2021 

 Pentalogia Feminina, Patriothall, Edinburgh, 2022 

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