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Commissions and Collaboration

£336 p/d

Day rate


Work I’d love to be involved in.

  • Art Commissions

    • There are a number of ways that you can commission me to make art for you.

    • Drawing

      • You can book me through the shop for a sketch commission of yourself, a loved one or your beloved pet.

      • Portraits.

    • Ceramics

      • there are a few Made To Order options for ceramics work through my website shop.

  • Public Speaking

    • I have put a lot of effort into honing my public speaking skills and building my expertise in my field. I have a proven track record of engaging audiences across various platforms and events. My talks are articulate and insightful, such as those accompanying the Pentalogia Femenina exhibition in Edinburgh and the Wholly Expletive exhibition in Dundee, demonstrate my ability to communicate complex concepts with clarity and passion. My participation in esteemed events like the a-n Assembly in Dundee and the Artist Rooms: Louise Bourgeois Exhibition in Perth Museum and Art Gallery highlights my credibility and expertise in the art community. I am versatile evidenced by my diverse range of engagements, from leading discussions at the Dundee Ceramics Workshop to sharing my creative practice insights at Verdant Works Museum. I am able to connect well with audiences and feel I am an asset as a public speaker.

  • Publications and Editorials.

  • I have a diverse portfolio and have dedicated myself to my craft for many years and would be invaluable for any collaborator seeking a compelling and vulnerable visual storyteller. 

  • I am committed to my artistic development and exploration demonstrated by the residencies I’ve undertaken and the sheer length of time I’ve been working away at my creative practice. 

  • I have a proven track record of curating and presenting cohesive bodies of work through both solo exhibitions and my work on Re-Production: Parenthood and the Artworld.

  • My work has been a consistent presence in galleries across the UK since 2003.

I have a wide library of skills and interests that could be used to create wonderful visuals for publications. Including drawing, collage, ceramics and any of the following :-

  • Clothing and Style

    • I have life long passion for clothing as a form of expression and in high school I made sure I was either in art or fabric and fashion classes. I was obsessed with The Clothes Show, Caryn Franklin was my hero. I never made it into the fashion world but I still use fashion magazine editorials for inspiration and vision boards.

  • Costume and Theatre

    • I have worked in theatre on and off since 1996 and some of the best making jobs I've had have been creating sculptural, abstract, beautiful and impractical garments for dance productions. When it comes to sewing I love making things there are no rules for. As an example, one of my favourite sewing jobs was making the finale wedding dress for Colette Sadler's Ritualia with Scottish Dance Theatre. The costumes were designed by Rike Zöllner. Each pleat was made from unspun merino yarn and hand sewn onto a calico base dress and it took about a week to sew on the pleats.

  • Knitting and Crochet

    • Like sewing I've been knitting since I was a child, I progressed to crochet in my 30's which I use a lot in the creation of sculptures. Crochet very much suited my no rules way of making and is the perfect textile technique for creating freeflowing, spontaneous, textured objects.

Additional skills and joys:-

  • Creating welcoming events

    • I created a really lovely chill event for the opening of my studio. I wanted to fill the space with my favourite people and beautiful voices of the musicians I invited to sing. I aim to do the same at every event I plan from workshops, open studios or artist salons.

  • Putting together an awesome playlist.

    • I love putting together a play list that can lift moods or aid wallowing. I even have a small following of friends on Spotify.

Really. Please use me. I have so much creativity to give to the world and I'd relish the opportunity to be up to my neck in it.

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