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Kiln Hire

From 40p

24 hours


Hello hello! In an attempt to make the most of my big beautiful kiln I’m offering it out to others to use. Here is what you need to know about costs. 

Kiln hire

Costs include technician time for loading and unloading work. When bringing in individual pieces there may be a delay in the firing while accumulating a decent amount of work to fill the kiln. For more urgent firing needs you may want to book a full kiln, when booking the full kiln you can also pick your own firing temp. 


Bisque or lustre firing costs (up to 1065 degrees C/cone 4)

Full kiln -  £50

Individual items 40p per litre

Glaze firing costs (up to 1260 degrees C/cone 6)

Full kiln - £65

Individual items 55p per litre

Working out the cost

Unless booking the full kiln, use this formula to work out the cost of firing items. 

In centimetres measure the widest, deepest and highest part of your work.

Width x depth x height divide by 1000 then times by pence per litre. 

For example bisque firing an average mug would be 

14cm x 10cm x 10cm = 1400 divided by 1000 = 1.4ltrs x 40p = 56p

If bringing in more than one item, measure the full volume of all the work to avoid having to measure each piece individually (remember to leave 1 cm between any glazed work). Please have the costs worked out before filling in the booking form.

PAYMENT should be made by cash or card when the work is dropped off


Terms and Conditions of Kiln Hire

  • There may be times when the kiln is unavailable due to my own work deadlines, I’ll do my best to give advance warning when it won’t be available.

  • I don’t have storage space to keep uncollected work, I’ll email or message when it’s ready and arrange a collection time. Please do not miss this slot. 

  • Similarly I don’t have space to store packaging for work.

  • Remember to bring back your packaging to collect. 

  • For glazed work make sure all bottoms are properly cleaned of glaze or provide stilts (make sure the work balances securely on the stilts to avoid toppling and shelf damage)

  • Work is left at your own risk.

  • Fill out a separate form for each firing type. 

  • Faults in ceramic objects’ structures and glazes may result in breakages or may only become visible once firing is completed. I will not be held liable for any damages, cracking, unexpected results, or faults of this nature.

  • I will always strive to handle your work with care and respect, but accidents can and do happen. If an item is damaged due to an accident I will offer a discount on the cost of your firing service, but will not be held liable for any damages of this nature.

  • I will not fire any work that I deem unsafe or risky (eg. too thick, combustable inclusions, poorly glazed work).

  • Any damage to the kiln or kiln furniture due to poorly made or glazed pieces will be charged to you. This price will vary depending on the damage incurred, but prices for kiln furniture are detailed below.

    • Price per replacement kiln shelf - £65

    • Price per replacement half kiln shelf - £45

    • Price per replacement shelf prop - £8.50

  • Please note that I will not fire wild clay. 

Technical stuff

Maximum Operating Temperature: 1300 degrees Centigrade Cone 10 

Firing Capacity: 129 litres 4.6 cubic ft.

Opening: 59.4cm/23.4 inches.

Depth: 45.7cm/18 inches.

Kiln Shelf diameter 53.34cm/21 inches

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