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A Feral Thought

Updated: Mar 25

Today I was out at the beach with the dogs when an idea struck me, an idea to start a blog about being a feral freelancer, including my own tales and interviews with other ferals. If you want to see the thought process revealing itself go to my instagram to view the video. I'm starting with a few thoughts on why I like being a freelancer.

What I like about being freelance 

  • I can decide what I do with my day,

  • If I’m feeling hormonal or fatigued I can pie off the day and watch Buffy The Vampire Slayer. 

  • I have time to exercise.

  • I have time to eat healthily

  • I have time to walk the dogs

  • I have time to write this post

  • I have time to do online courses.

  • When my daughter was young I had the freedom to be there for her, I still have that freedom but these days childcare is not an issue. 

  • I can make as much art work as I like.

  • Earning money from making as much art work as I like.

Are you too feral to ever think about line managers, annual leave, sick days or retirement? Would you want to be interviewed for a blog post? If the answer is yes, comment or contact me through my website.


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