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Updated: Apr 2

I wanted to share, as a bonus post more writing from Eddie, she shares her work on Instagram and this one is about her inner critic.

Something has changed within me. Something is not the same.

The song is stuck on a loop in my head. 

My dreams are becoming ludicrously bold neon pink what if what if dreams. And those that have carefully governed my inner worlds are scandalised by this new pretender with a karaoke mic and a party hat. 

Voices of the ancients in my tribe have comforting mantras spoken in an ancient tongue, that loosely translate into ‘don’t make a fuss, just get on with it, we don’t want any trouble here. 

And this wisdom has kept me safe. My management committee of Messrs So-Sorry, Small and Quiet have run this ship…wait… into the rocks? Into ice? 

We appear to be grounded. 

And now there’s pirates clambering aboard with names like Hope and Dare and Captain Dothefuckingthing. And they are sifting through the wreckage and holding up treasures from cracked open chests. They are setting free prisoners and the prisoners are joining the pirate crew. There’s a gleefully noisy parrot and a shitload of rum.

The management committee are caught fleeing and made to stand trial. They claim to have been acting according to the laws of ‘But What Will People Think’ and once this defence has been fed to the sharks, the committee are sent to the galley to drink tea, calm the fuck down and bake some fine cakes because dammit pirates love cake. They consider this a fair punishment, they never wanted to be in charge anyway. 

The patched up ship sets sail towards the sun, singing.

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