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Caveats to loving freelance life.

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

This week I wanted to caveat my list of why I like being freelance.

  • I can decide what I do with my day - unless I'm on the bones of my arse poor, then I have to do what the money tells me. 

  • If I’m feeling hormonal or fatigued I can pie off the day and watch Buffy The Vampire Slayer - only if I’m not working for an organisation or up against a deadline.. 

  • I have time to exercise - only if my day isn’t rammed with many different jobs and commitments

  • I have time to eat healthily - only if my day isn’t rammed with many different jobs and commitments

  • I have time to walk the dogs - this still stands, mostly because I have to (want to) make the time.

  • I have time to write this post - this is not a habit yet and will be easily dumped for invoiceable hours.

  • I have time to do online courses like Upfront - I am making time for this, counting it as professional development. 

  • When my daughter was young I had the freedom to be there for her, I still have that freedom but these days childcare is not an issue. - sometimes it’s harder to dump work to be there for her because it can’t be made up another day.

  • I can make as much art work as I like - I wish this one was completely true but again it gets dumped at the first sign of invoiceable hours. 

  • Earning money from making as much art work as I like - this is the dream scenario and not accurate at the time of publishing. 

That all being said I wouldn't change my situation at all, I do have a lot of freedom to work around my timelines, I can have Buffy on in the background while I work or take breaks or days off when I feel like it.

Call out...

Are you too feral to ever think about line managers, annual leave, sick days or retirement? Would you want to be interviewed for a blog post? If the answer is yes, comment or contact me through my website. 

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