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I'm Back and Still Feral

Updated: Apr 2

GOOD NEWS! I've decided to reinstate the Feral Freelancer blog! After much deliberation, turmoil, mental wrestling, depression and crying, I have realised I need to get the words out of my brain. Having moved to the quietest row of houses in Fife, I can go days without seeing anyone, this is dangerous for my brain and gives me too much time to think, which is exactly what's happened. Overthinking, overwhelm and panic to the point of paralysis. I've meditated, journaled, pilated, been out in nature, talked about it, ignored it and run round in circles with it. The answer came to me this morning, bring back the the Feral Freelancer my inner voice said, so here I am making that commitment minutes later.

I think it's important to go back to interviewing freelancers and I know so many more of you now than I did in the beginning. I will revise the questions from before, I would love for people to be as vulnerable as they can manage as I have learned this is what fosters real connection.

It's good to be back.

Jill xx

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