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Magnetic North TIME/SPACE Residency. April 2022

Updated: Apr 2

Getting to know you.

I arrived at Cove Park yesterday with no expectations, except that I was probably about to meet a bunch of talented people.

Over the last 18 months I’ve managed to get rid of a terrible habit I had of walking in to these situation with a weird combination of inferiority and superiority; initially feeling superior with my varied experience under my arm, thinking no one will have such experience as I. Followed by inferiority when I discover the vast and seemingly more ‘successful’ experience of those I have just met. I now know in my bones that everyone has their own stories to tell and heartbreak waiting for a safe/brave moment to share; so now I walk into rooms genuinely interested, ready to share my story and support those around me.

Arrival day - Monday, we got to know each other a bit on the surface, each drawing our own conclusions of each other.

Today - Tuesday we presented our work to the rest of the group. It was emotional, uplifting and an absolute privilege to be in the same room as these amazing people.

Oh my god these women are impressive, take a look at their work-

Ailie Robertson - Plays the harp and is a composer and has worked with the London Philharmonic Orchestra (she just dropped that in casually) Her work is absolutely beautiful, her new solo work where she is looking at projects for her own fulfilment were particularly poignant.

Morven Macbeth - An actress, producer and all round creative powerhouse. I am now particularly annoyed with myself that I could have seen her work in real life at Dundee Rep Theatre, right before lockdown.

Jill O’Sullivan - musician, violinist, guitarist and singer She has started a new solo project under the name Jill Lorean, it is some really beautiful work and has lovely PJ Harvey undertones.

Maria Falconer - photographer. both her commercial and personal works are absolutely beautiful in very different ways. Her personal work is really raw and wonderful.

And me.

Through our discussions today the thread I see we all have in common is that we all want to commit time to creating our own work and make art for ourselves. I also observed through the presentations, when we have taken risks in our work and made for ourselves, it has produced the more spectacular, vulnerable, strong work of all that was shown. Which tells me all I need to know; we should all be making the work that feels risky, that’s where the feeling is and now more than ever we are looking for connections. I think this is where we find it.

This was supposed to be a diary of my time at Cove Park with Magnetic North during the TIME/SPACE residency, but the day after I wrote this entry I tested positive for Covid. I was able in a small way to finish the residency via Zoom from my bed. I have resolved to get myself back to Cove Park in the future to give my work the time and space it deserves.

Many many thanks to Nicholas Bone for facilitating and to Alice McGrath, who's time was cut shorter than mine due to Covid. Also thanks to all the wonderful staff at Cove Park.

Originally published on Patreon July 2022.

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