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My Cascading Brain

Updated: Apr 2

Blimey! My head is cascading with ideas, I’ve been waiting for something to click in my mind as to what I do next after all this self growth and healthy living! This over stimulation of thoughts came about through a series of conversations and podcasts.

Realisation One I’ve been in my house for 15 years and there’s a lot of past attitudes tied up in it. I must move.

Realisation Two I haven’t been including my daughter in the decisions about where we live. This is bad. She doesn’t want to move while she’s still at school.

Realisation Three I don’t need to move, I need to change my attitude to the past associations of the house. The house did a stress dog shake and I started to see my restricted thinking, I’m now abundantly getting quotes to finish jobs around the house, clearing gutters, getting my boiler serviced and looking at new windows. Fully adulting and high frequencying this shit right up!

Realisation Four I need a better working situation in the studio, I don’t want to leave my studio wife Louise Ritchie but I need a kiln so I can play and experiment.

Realisation five (thanks for this one Ritchie it was the key to all) I could ask if i could house my kiln in Dundee Ceramics Workshop and let them use it for overflow to pay its way.

Realisation Six There is nowhere in Dundee to facilitate making sculpture once you leave art college. Lumsden and Edinburgh are too far away to be useful for everyday working artists.

Realisation Seven I’ve noticed a hole and I can do something about it.

Realisation Eight I’m excited to do something about it.

Realisation Nine I can see this being my whole life and being happy to stay put as long as this glorious thing is working for me. My mind has stopped wandering around the world looking for a place to settle, I can be still, stay right here and make the perfect place for me to work.

Realisation Ten I want to nurture and care for people and help them play big in this small pond.

So here we go! I seem to be embarking on a new adventure of my own design. Hopefully providing artists with a place to create ambitious work and provide me with my perfect work environment. First step, present idea to the board of Tin Roof/Dundee Ceramics Workshop and see where that gets me.

(I will be looking for support in this adventure so keep your eyes peeled for future progress and information if you want to know more email me at

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