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Sorting and Painting

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Hello and welcome to post number 2! I aim to publish every Thursday but I am feral so might sneak some in unannounced. I have some lovely people lined up with interview questions for you to enjoy, I'm looking forward to sharing them with you every fortnight.

This weeks not so sexy feral activity...


I work for a costume designer when she needs me and this week she was up from London pulling costumes for a film she’s working on. Most of our time was spent consolidating boxes to make tiny spaces to move other stuff into. The hope is that one day the unit will become a costume house for designers to visit and hire from the extensive collection of clothing, shoes, hats and accessories. There are amazing examples of original garments from victorian to 1980’s and a huge amount of medieval (not original) costumes with some gorgeous embroidery and leather work. As soon as the unit is in better shape we look forward to connecting with film and theatre industry people and arranging visits and costume workshops. It’s pretty exciting!


The other job I had last week was help out painting Union St in Dundee. A newly pedestrianised area to allow for social distancing and outside boozing. Also something to attract visitors up from V&A Dundee onto the city centre. Lovely wee twitter thread here all about it. As promised I'm name checking the effervescent Genevieve Reeves (middle photo), my painting companion for the afternoon. Genevieve is a dancer at Scottish Dance Theatre and she's got feral spirit.

Call out...

Are you too feral to ever think about line managers, annual leave, sick days or retirement? Would you want to be interviewed for a blog post? If the answer is yes, comment or contact me through my website. 

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