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What Are You An Expert In?

Updated: Apr 2

Since the first lockdown I have been partaking in tarot. Yes! TAROT. I have found tarot to be a massively helpful tool for journaling and tarot cards are so pretty and tactile. When struggling to know where I want to focus when sitting down to journal I like to draw a couple of cards focusing on where I am now and how to move forward. Being a newbie I use Wild Card, Let The Tarot Tell Your Story by Jen Cownie and Fiona Lensvelt to help translate the card's meaning. The deck I use the most is Tarot Del Fuego by Ricardo Cavolo

Last night's questions from the 6 of Wands (where I am now) was what have you achieved? And what are you proud of having done? Followed by the King of Swords (moving forward) who’s question inspired me more - What are you an expert in?

I have already acknowledged my achievements and the wrangling I’ve had to get here. The King of Swords wants to know what I’m an expert in. Simple. I’m an expert in trying to have a successful art career while also being a single parent. My whole adult life has been in service to being a successful artist. From a young age my only goal was to get to art college and live the artist dream.

For years, I‘ve had part time jobs, freelance side jobs and I know now that I can’t split my brain/time anymore. I’m all in for this art career. I’d move to another country if it was the right thing for me. My daughter is old enough to fend for herself and the only living creatures I have to consider are the pooches and they’re staying with me wherever I go.

Following on from last week's Artist Salon and having to write about the event, I gained a fair amount of clarity about my own artistic practice. As mentioned in the last post I don’t want to have a second support job to let me live my artist life. Don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean I don’t want a (semi) stable income or to work with other people. If I’m being honest I’ve been in overwhelm for about a year and it’s only now that I’m potentially going to have to move again that I’m starting to see where I need to go and what I have to offer.

So here’s what I’ve realised about me -

  • I like talking.

  • I like being in conversations.

  • I might be a connection addict.

  • I love vulnerability in others and myself.

  • I love creating spaces for people to feel like they can be vulnerable.

  • I have always known this - I love creating a welcoming, comfy physical space. My Sindy and Pippa dolls in the 1980’s got to witness the best of my early work.

  • I’m really curious about how to make my dreams a reality and help others achieve their dreams.

  • I’m obsessed with artists being able to make a good living through their creativity without the need for side jobs. I’m not happy to just go along with the idea that we need “real’ jobs on the side, even though at this point in time I could really use one of those PAYE proper right now, but I’m not happy about it. And this is the conundrum I’m trying to figure out, how do I get to that state of living? Am I overthinking it? I don’t think so, but where’s the missing link? What's the missing element?

  • I don’t just want to make a living by selling my art. I want my skills, knowledge and experience used for big exciting projects, collaborations, events, gatherings, speaking, writing, supporting.

  • I want another solo exhibition.

  • I don’t want submitting work to open calls to be the only way work gets seen.

  • I want to appear on How To Fail with Elizabeth Day

  • I want a stylist.

  • I want a New York Apartment like Cindy Gallop

  • I want to be published. Art books, art business books.

  • I want art merch like Grayson Perry.

  • I want to collaborate with fashion in some way, having been working in costume and theatre for years andI have always had a love for fashion, style and outrageousness. I’ve always imagined photoshoots and fashion in my future.

  • I’m interested in business and how to use it from the perspective of the artist in the art world context.

I've been pondering who I would be without the past dragging along for the ride and what looking to the future would look like.

The future looks like trust and kindness.

As I navigate this evolving path, two fundamental steps have emerged: the essence of trust and kindness. These pillars underscore my perspective on the future, illuminating a course of action that is both liberating and authentic. Looking ahead, I am resolute in my commitment to articulate my thoughts freely and create art that resonates on a personal level. These steps, while seemingly simple, are infused with profound intent, guiding me toward a future characterised by unwavering self-expression and creative exploration. (thanks ChatGPT for this last paragraph, I was getting conclusion fatigue)

What are you an expert in? If this question resonates, take some time and tell me in the comments.


If you’ve enjoyed this post and if you’re in a position to do so, please go Buy Me A Coffee or two.

The next Artist Salon session will be held at 6:30pm on Thursday the 21st September in my Newport On Tay studio and will continue on the third Thursday of the month.

My next weekend workshop starts on the 23rd September click here for details.

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Aug 30, 2023

That sounds like an amazing session. I love your list. You will do it!

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